Business Resources

Running a business can be difficult and confusing. There are so many moving parts that make a successful business. There is no one way. No “cookie cutter” model.

However, we believe there are 10 main areas of business, that when perfected, will give you a successful business that can run without you having to be there.

  1. Time – You can’t do anything in your business until you find the time to take control of it all. With time comes clarity, perspective, and growth.
  2. Strategy – Without knowing where you want to go, or how you plan to get there, you will never arrive.
  3. Administration – More than just a receptionist. Paperwork, KPI’s, dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s, allows you to keep a handle on what’s really happening in your business.
  4. Finance – Making sure you’re making money at the end of day is crucial. Otherwise, there’s no reason to keep your doors open.
  5. Marketing – With a streamline of leads and enquiries you can pick and choose who you work with.
  6. Sales – With a consistent sales process, you can stop competing on price and slashing margins.
  7. Delivery – Reliability, customer service, quality. The things customers have come to expect, yet so few people do correctly.
  8. Team – With a great team you can grow your business, without you having to do it all yourself
  9. Systems – To allow your team to take over, they must know what and how to do it. After all, systems drive your business, and team drive your systems.
  10. Leadership – When you are no longer doing it yourself, you must step up and ensure everyone knows where you’re headed, and how what they do helps to achieve that end goal, otherwise no one will share your enthusiasm

So where do you start? Below you will find some Ebooks and Audiobooks that provide you with information about these ten key areas that make up running a successful business.

These resources help you get some ideas and strategies you can use in your business. They are packed with the good stuff, no ‘fluff’, straight to the point, and are nice and short, so you can get through them quickly and start working on improving the way you do business.

You might also be interested in our blog. You’ll find regular updates on new business ideas, strategies that you can implement, “how to’s” about different business topics, various solutions we have used with clients, and much more.

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